Stampabout Ep. 8 – Tandem Biking A San Francisco Marathon


Jake and Chad hop on a tandem bike to chase after their sister, Katrina, who was in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Can they catch up and find her through the steep hills of San Fran? How did we make this happen?


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Scenario: Looking for a challenge in the Western portion of our trip from Chicago to Los Angeles

1) We were fortunate enough to pass through San Francisco at the same time our sister, Katrina, was running the Nike Women’s Marathon, which took place in San Fran.
2) We wanted to combine supporting our sister while completing a challenge ourselves.
3) We determined that following the marathon while riding bikes through the hilly streets of San Fran would be quite the challenge.
4) We woke up early with the marathon start and headed to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf to rent bikes. We opted for the tandem bike to make it an ever greater challenge!
5) We stretched out before riding and tried to catch up with out sister for two hours until we finally found her! Congrats, Katrina!


1) If you’re in the San Francisco area and want to rent some bikes, check out the Fisherman’s Wharf for several selections. We selected Blazing Saddles where bikes and tandems ranged from $30-$80/day. They also have maps and self-guided tours.
2) Eat a good breakfast and bring some water. Stretch out those muscles and enjoy the roller coaster that is San Francisco!

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Jake is the younger, yet taller and more dashing brother between “Jake and Chad.” He’s the voice of reason behind every one of Chad’s audacious ideas, as he puts the “calculated” in “calculated risk.” He also writes songs and makes videos for the joy of the Internet. Jake is currently redeeming the millions of airline points he’s racked up through mad travel hacking techniques and is probably on a plane somewhere.