Stampabout Ep. 5 – Cruising The Bonneville Salt Flats


Jake and Chad decide to break out the motorcycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats just outside Salt Lake City, UT. With a few curious bystanders, they ride out onto the “mirror” and risk a wipeout on the slushy salt. [How did we make this happen?]


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Follow us using the social list in the sidebar. HOW DID WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Scenario: Looking for a challenge in the Mountain West portion of our trip from Chicago to Los Angeles 1) We made a last second decision to find the famous Bonneville Salt Flats on our long drive from Salt Lake City, UT to Eugene, OR. 2) Researched–on the fly–how to get to Bonneville Salt Flats and what was possible to do on them during the current season 3) The salt flats were soft so we determined that the motorcycle would be the most effective and safe vehicle to use, as well as the most fun. HOW MIGHT YOU DO IT? 1) If you ever take a trip across Utah, or if you stop in Salt Lake City, check out the salt flats in Bonneville! Check and 2) Depending on the state of the salt flats (fluctuates by month) and depending on what vehicle you have (car, SUV, motorcycle, rental, etc.), determine how safe it is to drive out onto the flats. 3) Break a land speed record or two (just don’t tell your mother). 4) No matter what, take plenty of pictures (its like standing on the top of a mirrored ocean)!

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