Stampabout Ep. 4 – Kiss The Fish!


Jake and Chad Fly Fish for the first time just outside of Boulder, CO. Chad’s line gets caught, Jake has a hole in his waders, and kissing a fish is a sloppy ordeal. [How did we make this happen?]


Scenario: Looking for a challenge in the Mountain West portion of our trip from Chicago to Los Angeles

1) Concluded quickly that a family friend (Kirsten Frampton) still lived and worked as a fly fishing guide out of Boulder, CO
2) Called Kirsten to touch base, catch up, and determine if she would be willing to host us and possibly give us a fly-fishing lesson
3) Once we found out Kirsten was willing to help us, we stayed in constant contact with her in order to determine a good day to visit
4) Followed up constantly and followed through with our timing and commitments
5) Once there, we proactively attempted to help Kirsten out in any way in order to show our appreciation for their hospitality. We ended up gladly cutting some roots out from her front yard, hanging a mirror, setting up her surround sound, and fixing a sliding door!


1) Google “Fly fishing in [YOUR CITY or STATE].” There are plenty of fly fishing outfitters and guides throughout the US!
2) Fly fishing guided tours can be expensive. If you don’t know any connections that can help you out cheaply, try budgeting a small amount of money each month to reach the monetary value needed. Guided tours are also cheaper when the group is a little larger. Ask family or a friend if they want to go with you!
3) Set up a date and commit to your goal to save up and go fly fish!
4) Catch a fish, kiss it, let it go, and bask in the serenity of nature as you stand waist deep in water while keeping completely dry.


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Jake is the younger, yet taller and more dashing brother between “Jake and Chad.” He’s the voice of reason behind every one of Chad’s audacious ideas, as he puts the “calculated” in “calculated risk.” He also writes songs and makes videos for the joy of the Internet. Jake is currently redeeming the millions of airline points he’s racked up through mad travel hacking techniques and is probably on a plane somewhere.