Stampabout Ep. 2 – The Glory of Squash Farming


Chad and Jake stop near Jamestown, Kansas to work one day on a squash farm.

Mix hard work and a stunning setting and you get only what you need… nothing more. [How did we make this happen?]


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  Follow us using the social list in the sidebar. HOW DID WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Scenario: Looking for a challenge in the Midwest portion of our trip from Chicago to Los Angeles 1) Google searched “Adventures in Kansas,” “corn mazes,” “what to do in Kansas,” and related key words 2) Talked to friends at work about the move and what we were hoping to try in Kanas (initially it was to race in a cornfield or something like that) 3) Discovered that a new coworker (Benet Braun) grew up in Kansas and his Uncle (Dan Braun) currently ran a vegetable farm near Jamestown, Kansas 4) Benet called Dan immediately and we learned that Dan was willing to have a couple extra hands during squash season. 5) Once we found out his family was willing to help us, we stayed in constant contact with Benet and Dan in order to determine a good day to visit 6) We followed up constantly and followed through with our timing and commitments 7) Once there, we proactively attempted to help Dan’s family out in any way possible to show our appreciation for their hospitality (including washing dishes, cleaning up, etc.) HOW MIGHT YOU DO IT? 1) If you really want to give farming a shot for a day or week or more, try googling “work on a farm” or “volunteer on a farm.” There a surprisingly large amount of opportunities to work on farms in the US and around the world. Many farms will welcome your hard work! A popular option is 2) If you happen to know a family member or friend who works on a farm (or knows somebody that does), then simply give them a ring or shoot them an email. Its always easier to connect with people you already know (and free work is usually an easy sell). Of course, hopefully, you will gain new skills, perspective, and possibly new friendships in return! 3) Set up a date to meet and follow up constantly 4) Make it happen and work hard!

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