Stampabout Ep. 6 – Sandboarding and Sunburning


Jake and Chad take to the dunes in Florence, OR. Sandboarding turns out to be an addicting hobby; its like snowboarding without the snow or expensive gear… unfortunately, that also means no convenient ski lifts! [How did we make this happen?]


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Follow us using the social list in the sidebar. HOW DID WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Scenario: Looking for a challenge in the North Western portion of our trip from Chicago to Los Angeles 1) When planning our trip, we initially were going to go straight to the Redwoods in California from Utah. A week before we left Chicago, we met up with an old acquaintance (Bridget Franek) who happened to be running for Nike’s track club in Eugene, OR. She offered to host us if we came out that way. We took her up on it! 2) Our first day in Eugene, we actually took a day off from traveling and planning and simply relaxed. Later that night, we asked Bridget if there was anything interestingly unique that we could do around Eugene. She mentioned sandboarding on the coast and we were sold! 3) The next morning we drove out to the Florence, OR from Eugene (45 minute drive), and researched a sandboarding rental store via our smartphone. 4) We went to the shop and rented a board for each of us (only $16 for 24 hours!) 5) The shop owner told us where to go for the best dunes, so we headed over to Honeyman State Park 6) We then waxed up our boards and seriously had the most fun trying out something new. It was snowboarding… without the snow, gear, or heavy clothing! HOW MIGHT YOU DO IT? 1) Sandboarding can take place anywhere there are dunes! There are several options on the West coast, but we’ve also heard about people sandboarding on dunes in Michigan. Google “sandboarding near [YOUR CITY or STATE]” to see what’s available near you! 2) Check out where you can rent a board for cheap and take it to the dunes. 3) Make sure you stretch out prior to starting and prepare yourself to repeatedly walk up hills of sand. Its a solid workout! 4) Without a need for a lift pass or specific gear besides a board, take the whole day and go wild (kids can sandboard too!).

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  1. Jake and chad, I absolutely love what you r doing! I think it’s amazing that you are both following ur dreams, documenting it for others, and encouraging them to do the same! I LOVE ur episodes and ur adventures! Keep up the great work and ill keep watching!!

    • Megan! So glad you’re enjoying what we’re doing. I think we’re getting better (and closer) everyday, so that’s fun. We really, really appreciate your comments and your encouragement. They’re super helpful for us while on this road. Hopefully, we’ll be able provide you with more value that’s helpful to others on their own journey or just getting started. Hop things are awesome!

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