Jake’s Top Ten: LAOS


VIDEO: After only a week or so in Laos, I’ve discovered my top ten cultural observations…. Check the video to see how things compare with your daily life!

Quick Snapshot:

  1. The pastries look delicious, but ARE THEY ACTUALLY DELICIOUS?
  2. The exchange rate of Lao Kip (local currency) to US Dollar is a bit nuts. It was weird to punch in 7 digits at the ATM machine.
  3. Intersections don’t need traffic signals whatsoever. No big deal.
  4. Sometimes monks have cooler gadgets than I do, which is confusing based on my limited knowledge of Buddhism. Aren’t you supposed to live a life without those kinds of worldly possessions?
  5. BeerLao is top-notch. Love it. Want some more of it.
  6. Damn roosters. All day and all night.
  7. Tourism is quickly creeping into the main Lao towns, but you can still take a quick journey to escape it all.
  8. If there is a patch of dirt on your property, you sweep it to make it look like a nicer patch of dirt. I’ve never seen so much “cleaned up” dirt.
  9. 24 hour bus rides and 2 day “slow boat” rides are normal means of transportation in and out of Laos. They can be great or they can be hell (or just extremely boring). Apparently, its a bit of coin flip.
  10. Motorcycle tuk-tuks are insane pieces of machinery. Mix together the front of  motorcycle, the back end of truck and a ghetto-rigged gas pedal/lever, and you’ve got yourself a low-priced taxi.

Anything I’m missing? Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience?

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  1. Jacob-solid stuff. The travel host thing is a hard gig, but I like your approach. Plus, since I’m stuck inside with a 3 year-old and a 8-m0nth-old baby as the snow falls, I’m enjoying the escape. I look forward to more!

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