Video: From the Desert to the Arctic (and the Mesmerizing Capability of Flight)


I love flying with a passion. Not so much the airports, people, and airplane dry cough, but rather the (still) mind-blowing ability to fly half-way around the world in just hours.

Just a week ago I was camping in the Empty Quarter of the UAE with my adventure buddy, Erik:



Just two days ago? I was driving to the Arctic Circle 6 hours north of Fairbanks, Alaska:


The desert-to-arctic thing was never really a planned scenario. I just happened to score $178 roundtrip tickets to Abu Dhabi on Christmas morning, and the flights so happened to be scheduled about a week before my free trip to Alaska that was planned a year ago. It didn’t really cross my mind that I would be going from one extreme to the other until I had about 4 days in-between trips to ditch my warm weather gear for cold weather gear.

Regardless, flying still seems like a miracle to me. We are so fortunate to live in an age where we can literally fly to a new climate and culture at a drop of a hat, and sometimes I think we forget that. Like this hilarious Louis C.K. clip explains, while we’re all busy complaining about not having WiFi on an airplane we forget that “we’re in a chair… in the sky….”

I’ll probably expound on this idea a bit more down the road because I still get chills when I fall asleep in Los Angeles and wake up in Bangkok. There’s much more to be said about the gift of flight, but for now, here is the split video that really made the drastic change hit home for me.

The top video is from the road that dives deep into the Empty Quarter and the bottom video is from the trucking road that goes all the way north to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska.


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