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The Ngalawa Cup

The Stampabout Crew is embarking on another insane adventure!

Starting December 25th, the crew will depart and participate in a bat-shit crazy boat race for 9 days off the east coast of Africa, down the Zanzibar Archipelago. The vessel? …A dug-out mango tree, with a bedsheet as a sail. No joke, check out the video below. The truth is, we’re trying to win a sailing race we have no right winning, but blindly believe we can.

Ignorance is bliss, right?

On top of this insane adventure, we’re also trying to raise money for Cool Earth, which works with indigenous villages around the world to help stop rainforest destruction. Our goal is a measly 500 pounds (750 USD), but we’d love to surpass that goal if we can. Why? Because it’s simply too selfish to throw our ill-prepared selves into the Indian Ocean without a better reason than “for the hell of it!”

So, in an effort to be part of the solution, we’re raising money for Cool Earth. Every gift helps preserve the world’s rainforest (as well as remind us that the race is bigger than we are, when on day 6, we’re beat up, half-sunk, and broken spirited). Thanks for your support and wish us luck! God knows we need it! [You can donate here:]

Finally, we’ll be keeping you updated right here on this page with videos, pictures, and stories. Make sure to bookmark it!

Chad, Jake, and Jeff