You’re going to fail to have a great career because you’re afraid to pursue your passion, afraid to try, and afraid to fail.

That’s how the video below spoke to me when I watched it for the first time. And those words rang true for me for many, many years. I knew what my passion was, but I was afraid of so many things that I never tried. Until now.

But an even bigger reason we fail to have a great career are the excuses we make, ones that stop us from even trying to pursue our passion. We always say, “I would love to become (your passion here), but I can’t. If only I had (enter excuse) then I would pursue my passion…and THEN I would have a great career.”

I use to do that too, so I know what it’s like and that’s precisely why I love this video. This video helped me realize that it’s time to stop being afraid, stop making excuses, and it’s time to do what I said I always wanted to do.

This was a very short post as the video itself is much more important than my take on the subject. It’s a simple, super funny, and very blunt message from the most interesting economics professor you’ll EVER meet. Seriously, tell me one economics professor that is this excited, passionate, and outspoken.

We will not have a great career unless we can pursue our passion, regardless of what we’re afraid of and what excuses we create. Check it out. It’s one of my favorites…

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Chad is “Ready-Fire-Aim.” That means he prefers to try first, ask questions later. He lives by the idea of “failing forward” and believes it takes 10,000 hours (or 10 years) to master whatever it is one is currently doing. Chad doesn’t want to waste the rest of his life mastering somebody else’s dream, so he’s willing to keep trying any number of his thousands of ideas until one finally works. Chad is Stampabout’s ideaman, go-getter, and the “risk” in “calculated risk.” Chad is a sales and marketing professional that has sold and marketed everything from real estate, a healthy vending franchise system, payment processing systems, and beers to local bar patrons. He owns an ecommerce consulting company,, that helps his clients convert more visitors to paying customers.


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