Let’s be serious here. Jake and I are pretty much attempting to accomplish the impossible by trying to become adventure travel TV hosts for a major TV network. We have little to no experience, we’re doing everything without financial backing, and we’re not super connected to the TV world. The odds are seriously against us.


(Yes, I just capitalized all of that, and almost cursed, so you know that I’m yelling with excitement and passion)

That’s when you know you have something you love, when what you’re trying to achieve seems completely impossible yet you’re having the time of your life trying anyway.

Do you feel that way right now with what you’re chasing? I hope so.

The headline “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” is actually a quote by Walt Disney. He is a prime example of somebody who took a big idea (Disneyland!), that most would consider impossible, and turned it into reality and had fun doing it. And he didn’t even know if it would work.

do the impossible_Walt Disney2

I’ll be honest, I can’t find any other documentation describing exactly how much fun he had, but I’m going to assume that, based on his quote and the empire of fun he created, the dude had a freakin’ blast doing the impossible.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many days when it doesn’t feel fun…at all. Trying to do the impossible is no easy task and it’s not for the faint of heart, but just the act of trying to do the impossible will make it all worth it at the end of my time.

Why do I feel it’s worth it in the end? Because I’ll be able to look back on my life at 100 years old and, no matter if we made it or not, I will be able to at least say without regret, “I went after the impossible and damn near made it happen.”

It’s a great feeling knowing today that I will die years later without regret simply because I tried.

And it’s knowing this that allows me to be having so much fun, at this very moment, attempting what most would consider and impossible task.

In the meantime, though…

I’m having fun…

  1. Just trying!
  2. Writing this blog as a “journal” so that I can re-read and relive my experiences and share it with my kids or grand-kids when I’m super old.
  3. With the creative process. Creating something that never existed until now is probably the most exhilarating feeling I’ve had in years.
  4. Producing videos…including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know we’re getting better every day, but you should really see some of the early stuff…ugh. Regardless, it’s been a blast.
  5. Going on sweet adventures for new episodes.
  6. Meeting and connecting with people all over the world.
  7. Running into obstacles that are keeping us from our end goal. Yes, it’s fun, especially when you overcome the obstacle and realize that you’re so much better because of it.
  8. Listening to the encouraging words from others. It makes me realize that there is a ton of people out there ready to provide a lot of support not only to us but also to others who are also looking to do the impossible.
  9. Helping others by being transparent and real in what I’m experiencing so that they know they’re not alone in their own pursuit.

I could go on and on with a list of reasons why it’s fun to do the impossible…


The most important thing I’ve realized in this entire process, now going on three years, is that trying to do the impossible is far more rewarding, stimulating, energizing, motivating, exciting and, of course, it’s more fun than doing what is possible https://www.casinonorske.com/spilleautomater-på-nett.

I’m hope you give “going after the impossible” a shot.

How are you attempting to do the impossible and are you having more fun?
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Chad is “Ready-Fire-Aim.” That means he prefers to try first, ask questions later. He lives by the idea of “failing forward” and believes it takes 10,000 hours (or 10 years) to master whatever it is one is currently doing. Chad doesn’t want to waste the rest of his life mastering somebody else’s dream, so he’s willing to keep trying any number of his thousands of ideas until one finally works. Chad is Stampabout’s ideaman, go-getter, and the “risk” in “calculated risk.” Chad is a sales and marketing professional that has sold and marketed everything from real estate, a healthy vending franchise system, payment processing systems, and beers to local bar patrons. He owns an ecommerce consulting company, EcommerceInfluence.com, that helps his clients convert more visitors to paying customers.


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