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Behind The Name Stampabout

Stampabout is not a real word. Crazy, we know!

In a nutshell, the name “Stampabout” is derived from two different words that represent the reasons behind why we created this venture in the first place:

1) “Stamp” refers to several ideas, including:

  • The stamp, or impression, one makes on their lives when they try something new
  • A postcard stamp used to send news of your adventures back to loved ones
  • A quote we like that says, “The person with the most passport stamps, wins.”

2) “-about” refers to the custom of a “Walkabout,” where Australian Aborigines would embark on a spiritual journey through nature to learn the ways of their people and, in a more modern sense, find themselves. In the same vein, Stampabout is truly about discovery by trial. It’s about following the idea that, “you never know, unless you try….”

Together, “Stampabout” stands to mean that if you go after what you want and walk your talk, there’s a high probability you will make a strong impression on your life and others’ and, while not always easy, you’ll live a happier life because of it.